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--John Adams

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of September 12-16

Hey there gang!  Welcome to the 5th week of school!  Below is what we've got in store for this coming week and for future long-term assignments.

Notes:  The Second Continental Congress will meet in the Media Center on Wednesday, September 21.  Details to come!

+++ In Class American Revolution Essay dates have been changed
to Monday 9/26 & Tuesday 9/27+++

Please start researching your delegate of the Cont. Congress!!!!

Day 1:  Introduce Second Continental Congress Information -- Delegates assigned --The colonies begin moving in a direction...West!  The differences between the colonies and England grow more each day...What is a REVOLUTION?
HW: America had a revolution where it over thew it's government after tough debates and discussions, protests, and a handful of colonial meetings.  Why do you think countries experience revolutions?  (One paragraph due Friday ALL classes)

Day 2:  French & Indian War -- 1763 and beyond the Appalachian Mountains.  Ben Franklin's Albany Plan of Union -- Read in class -- discuss Franklin and his role in the FR & Indian War and American Revolution.  Turmoil in the colonies against the French and more differences arise...Proclamation of 1763 and beyond...Stamp Act, Stamp Act Repealed...Are we heading toward violence?
--All information is located in the American Revolution Notes & Chapter 5 American Revolution handouts on the blog under "history handouts" --
HW:  Listen to French & Indian War & Being a British Colonist Podcasts

Day 3:    The Colonies' opinions sharply change once "taxation" hits the colonies.  Sugar Act, Stamp Act, PROTEST!!! Boston Massacre, Townshend Acts, Tea Party and Beyond!
HW:  Watch the video below & Listen to the American Revolution Podcast Pt. I for next week! -- Write down three things you learned from the Podcast & Video (six facts total!) due Day 1 Next Week!

--Research your delegate for the Second Continental Congress!!--

***By Monday (September 19) ALL CLASSES should have done the following either in class or on your own 
No Exceptions!!!***
  • Listened to the following Podcasts:  Fr. & Indian War, American Revolution Part I & II, Being a British Colonists
  • Watched the following Videos:  The embedded video above, American Revolution: Boston Massacre!, & American Revolution Intro
  • Read the following sections from the Textbook or read the following titles from the "American Revolution Notes":  Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act, Repeal of Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre, Tea Act, Boston Tea Party, & Intolerable Acts
This information looks like a lot, but the Podcasts, Videos, and Readings are redundant and reinforce the information so you can best understand it.  You will need to be able to discuss why these events are revolutionary.