"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Next Week's Schedule (Sept. 19--23)

Hey Baby Birds!  I was watching the John Adams series this morning, was thinking about our Second Continental Congress and thought you might enjoy watching this video.  We will watch it together as a class at our annual Second Cont. Congress meeting but thought you might want to see how the delegates dressed and talked!  Be Good!

Notes:  Second Continental Congress on Wednesday!  Come dressed up, bring signs, and let's argue our colonial wigs off! In class essay moved to Sept. 26 & 27.

--Please be sure you have listened to ALL the American Revolution podcasts by Wednesday!--

Monday/Tuesday:  Media Center for research on our Second Continental Congress delegates.  You should be researching your delegate and try to find out the following:
-What is their occupation? (job)
-Were they Loyalist, Patriotic, or Moderate?
-Did they do anything in particular at the Congress?  -- Did they give a famous speech, propose a letter to the King, or write the Declaration of Independence? -- If so, you should be ready to discuss this!
-How do you think your delegate feels about the taxes or the violence in Massachusetts (which we will read at the Congress)

Wednesday, September 21 1775 -- We meet in Philadelphia (Media Center) to discuss these questions above along with the agenda given that morning.  We will discuss the grievances by the colonies, which colonies are having the biggest problems with the colonies, and which colonies are simply not affected by the King's policies/taxes.

Thursday & Friday:  Review for the In Class Essay for next week (Monday & Tuesday).  We will examine the events of the Revolution and discuss how/why they were revolutionary.  Prepare an outline for your in class essay.  You may bring in the outline provided to you (also available on the blog) for your essay.