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--John Adams

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Civil War Study Guide

Hey Gang!  Here is the study guide to the Civil War test on Monday, February 23...Huzzah!

Civil War Notes

-What were the border states?
-What was the initial purpose of fighting the war according to Abraham Lincoln
-What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
-What was the bloodiest day of the Civil War?
-Why was Vicksburg an important city for the Union to capture?
-What battle was the turning point of the Civil War?
-How did technology impact the war -- Telegraph, Railroad, Ironclads, Minie Ball
-Sherman's March Through Georgia
-How did the Gettysburg Address change the purpose of the war?
-Why did South Carolina secede from the Union in December 1860?
-How did photography impact the war and the nation?
-What is "total warfare"
-What was Andersonville?
-What does "With Malice Toward None, with Charity for All" mean in Lincoln's second inaugural speech?
-What was John Wilkes Booth's plan in April 1865?
-What were the advantages and disadvantages of the Union and Confederacy entering the war?
-Why was Maryland the most important Border State to the Union?
-Who was Judah P. Benjamin
-Approximately how old, how tall, and how much did the average soldier weigh and what was their occupation before the war?
-What were the contributing factors that led to the Civil War from 1820--1860

Happy Studying and Be Good!