"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weeks of Nov. 24-25 and Dec. 1-5

Welcome to Thanksgiving Week and the FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER!! Holy Cow!  This week, we'll finish Madison's War of 1812, dive into the short but sweet presidencies of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, look at an Industrial Revolution, and then jump into my FAVORITE UNIT of the year: Andrew Jackson 1829--1837 :)

Day 1 - Nov. 24
In Class:  Answer some of the questions from the War of 1812 Packet on James Madison...Star Spangled Banner and Burning Washington DC then the Battle of New Orleans!
HW: Watch the Video Podcast on the Industrial Revolution and be ready to discuss how cool it was in class...

Day 2 - Nov 25
In Class: THE Industrial Revolution-- Cotton Gin, Steam power, Power loom, Mills, Locomotives, Canals...HUZZAH!  The Industrial Revolution 1789--1825ish - What is technology?  What is an industrial revolution?  What makes technology innovative?  Cotton Gin Video: Cotton Gin Video...Click Me!
HW: None...Happy Thanksgiving!
Notes: The Final Exam is cumulative and the study guide available Dec. 1...

Week of December 1--5

Day 1 - December 1
In Class: The Presidents DVD:  James Madison and James Monroe (15 min long video...) CLICK ME!!! The Presidents 1789-1825 -- Monroe's Era of Good Feelings 1817--1825 -Disney's James Monroe
HW:   Watch the James Monroe Video Podcast and be ready to discuss Missouri Compromise and Monroe Doctrine...

Notes: The Final Exam is cumulative and the study guide available Dec. 1...

Day 2
In Class:  Monroe's presidency -- Mizzouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine, Invading Florida, Nation expands...WEST young man..WEST!
HW: Watch this video on John Quincy Adams' presidency:  JQA's Presidency #6 -- Grrr I hate him...
Notes:  None

Day 3
In Class: The Election of 1824 -- The Corrupt Bargain and John Quincy Adams' presidency...Then the Election of 1828 and the beginning of the Jacksonian Era!: Election of 1824 Video -- Funny, Not gonna lie...
HW: None...
Notes:  None

Day 4
In Class:  Introduce Andrew Jackson -- The Man of the People -- Who was Andrew Jackson?  Was he a Sinner or a Saint?  Assign paper on Jackson due January 8, 2015... Andrew Jackson's Presidency Google Doc   
HW: None...
Notes:  In case you want a laugh about Andrew Jackson...watch the above :)

Videos that are GREAT to watch about Andrew Jackson...THESE WILL HELP A LOT!!!!!