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--John Adams

Monday, March 17, 2014

20th Century President March Madness!

It's March which = MARCH MADNESS!  I'm sure y'all are looking at your brackets...while most of you have no idea what a bracket is!  This year, I have spent hours and hours and hours creating this amazing opportunity to learn the 20th century!  Welcome to 20th Century Presidential March Madness!  Who is the GREATEST President of the 20th Century?!  Who are the Bottom Fives, Final Four, and upsets?!  Over the course of the next two weeks, students will research their four assigned presidents.  

The details of the assignment are included below:  

Each class has a "March Madness" document (which is the exact same as above but for each individual class) where you as a class are responsible for posting your basic information about each of the 20th century presidents under "Interclass Debate and Debacle".  The class that provides the best information -- which is brief, well summarized, and reads easy 
-- will receive TWO "A's for the Day"

While researching, you have a President Template form to fill our for each president.  Consider this template to be your own "notes" on the president.  (Remember..The More Details..The Merrier!)
Make sure you provide details when you answer each question, for you will need to explain to your classmates the details of your president.  Each Presidential Template is a Quiz Grade:

*You see that you can create a Voice Memo, movie, Educreations, or other visual using on your iPhone/iPad/Computer of your summary and then send it to me via e-mail:  mbarry@davisacademy.org.  You are e-mailing me a Voice Memo's/Movie/Educreations/Etc. of the entire template, and you will explain why your president was good/bad and should/should not be considered moving to the "next round". This Voice Memo does not replace the entire President Template.  These Voice Memo's/Movie/Educreations/Etc. will replace the handwritten template, however ALL INFORMATION MUST BE IN THE MEMO!!!

In case you need to see a screencast of me doing the assignment...sorta...Watch this flick below and let me know if you have any other questions...

I will come back from the Washington, DC trip on Friday, March 28 to possibly collect your templates, check on your progress, and to see where we stand.  The ACTUAL bracket begins on Monday, March 31 where we'll begin debating, assessing our classmates' research, and working on the bracket as a class...

You will present your presidents on March 31 (28th if every class is ready to do so) and we will present all 20th Century Presidents VERY BRIEFLY in Chronological Order.  After each President has been presented, we will then DIVE RIGHT IN to our bracket and Let the Madness Begin!