"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week of December 17--Dec. 21

Hey Baby Birds...It's Midterm Week!  Relax....You will be fine, just be sure you stay on top of the studying!  Here is what the week will look like..

Day 1
In Class:  Foreign Policy for Thomas Jefferson and James Madison -- Embargo Act and the tanking of America's economy, The Presidents:  Jefferson & Madison
HW:  Midterm study guide due Thursday, December 20
Notes:  Midterm on Thursday
Here is a video podcast on Thomas Jefferson to help you understand what's going on...

War of 1812 Video from History Channel...Please Watch BOTH videos below!!!

James Madison and; War of 1812 Video Podcast...

Day 2
In Class: Study for Midterm
HW: Midterm study guide due Thursday, December 20
Notes: Midterm on Thursday

Day 3
In Class:  Study for Midterm, and work on the study guide in class....
HW: Midterm study guide due Thursday, December 20
Notes: Midterm on Thursday

Day 4
Midterm...Study guide due the day of the Midterm, Thursday December 20

Here are the remaining assignments you have for second quarter:

-Please watch the Video Podcast on James Monroe & Era of Good Feelings/Industrial Revolution (above), and be ready to discuss him when we return...
-Midterm study guide - Quiz grade due Thursday, December 20
-Midterm -- Test grade -- If the midterm helps your grade, I will count it twice, if it hurts your grade I will only count it once -- Thursday, December 20
-George Washington Presidential Project -- Quiz grade due Friday, December 14
-John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Presidential Projects -- Quiz grades due Wednesday, January 9/10
-Test on Washington, Adams, and Jefferson on Wednesday, January 9/10
**Third Quarter Grades**
-James Madison & James Monroe Presidential Projects -- Due January 14
-John Quincy Adams Presidential Project -- Due January 18
Enjoy Winter Break and Be Good!