"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week of Jan. 3-6

Welcome Back Baby Birds!  We've entered the second half of the school year and have a lot ahead of us.  Be sure to write down these due dates I've posted below and here's what we have in store for the upcoming week.

Day 1:  Andrew Jackson's Native American policy.  What kind of President was Andrew Jackson?  What were his problems with the Bank of the United States?  Jackson's Legacy?
HW:  Presidential Projects due Jan. 9 -- Madison & Monroe  -- Podcast on the Blog on Andrew Jackson & the Indian Removal Act

Day 2:  Finish Andrew Jackson's Presidency.  The Epic Fails 1837--1844 of Three Poor Presidents but an era of Westward Expansion!  Manifest Destiny and the nation's booming movements
HW:  Presidential Projects due Jan. 9 -- Madison & Monroe

Day 3:  Why move West?  Why did they go west in the 1830s--1850s?  Who went, what did they bring, what problems/events happened out west?
HW:   Presidential Projects due Jan. 9 -- Madison & Monroe -- Listen to the Podcasts on the "1840s" & "Manifest Destiny!"

Upcoming Due Dates:  ***Subject to Change***

January 9 -- Presidential Projects -- J. Madison & J. Monroe
January 20 -- Presidential Projects -- J. Q. Adams & Andrew Jackson!
January 23/24 -- Test on Madison, Monroe, J.Q. Adams, Jackson, Van Buren and Westward Expansion!
January 30 -- Introduce President Research Paper Assignment
February 3 -- Presidential Projects -- M.Van Buren, W. H. Harrison, J. Tyler & J. K. Polk!
February 10 -- Presidential Projects -- Z. Taylor, M. Fillmore, & F. Pierce
February 17 -- Presidential Projects -- J. Buchanan & A. Lincoln*   (*Tentative)
February 24 -- Twenty Note Cards Due for President Research Paper
March 9 -- Research Paper Outline Due
March 23 -- President Research Paper Due (No Exceptions!) -- This is a fourth quarter grade for both Language Arts & Social Studies.  More details to come.