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--John Adams

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week of October 3--7

Happy 5772 & welcome to October!  Fall is in the air and so are the Revolutionary War & Government Units...We've got a lot of work ahead of us this funky month 
so let's try our best to stay on top of the work!!!

Day 1:  BRAINPOP! -- Declaration of Independence (User: davisacad, Password: student) Reading the Declaration of Independence, breaking it down by section and discussing its importance.  Entering the Revolutionary War (Handout from Chapter 7 on Rev War).  We've got a war to fight and examine why, where, and how it was fought and also WHO fought.
HW:  Please Watch the Revolutionary War BrainPop Video (User: davisacad, Password: student) -- Revolutionary War Essay Assigned Due October 12

Day 2:  Examining the war itself and going over the handout in detail.  Mapping out the Revolutionary War and entering peace with Great Britain in 1783!  1783-1787  were tough years and its time we study WHY!
HW:  Please Watch the Revolutionary War BrainPop Video  Podcast on Revolutionary War Part I, II, & III -- Revolutionary War Essay Due October 12

Day 3:  Revolutionary War details and BRAINPOP! -- HOW did the Americans win the Revolutionary War?  Your handout on Chapter 7 will help you write the essay.  Remember to explain HOW the Americans won the war using the information you've read about in class, from our discussions, and in the podcasts.  For the MLA citations, you only need to cite the Textbook and the American Revolution webpage.  You do NOT need to cite the videos or podcasts!!!
HW:  Podcast on Revlutionary War Part II & Part III -- Revolutionary War Essay Due October 12

They won the war because they had the will to endure Valley Forge and STILL fight!