"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week of April 3-7, 2017 (Week 32) CTP-4 Testing Week

Hey Gang!  Welcome to the CTP4 Week...Ugh.  We've covered some Gilded Age, looked at Urbanization and now it's time to look at Immigration and the Progressive Era...

Study Guide for Gilded Age/Progressive Era Test
-What is a monopoly and provide an example of a monopoly.
-What is a trust and provide an example of a trust.
-What does "gilded" mean?
-Why was the era 1865-1900 called the "gilded" age?
-What is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration?
-What industry did Vanderbilt dominate?
-What industry did Carnegie dominate?
-What industry did Rockefeller dominate?
-What industry did J.P. Morgan dominate?
-Henry Ford modernized the assembly line.  What is it, and what impact does it have on us today?
-What are some of the effects of the invention of the automobile?
-Which city burned down in 1871 which led to the invention of the modern city?
-What happened to Johnstown in 1884 and what was Andrew Carnegie's response this disaster?
-What are the effects of urbanization and the creation of the modern city?
-What does "progressive" mean?
-Why was there a Progressive Era?
-Be familiar with How The Other Half Lives, The Jungle, and some reforms from the Progressive Era
-What tribes fought the American government in the West
-Who was Chief Joseph?
-Who was Sitting Bull?
-What happened at the Battle of the Little Bighorn and what were the effects both on America and the Native Americans
-What effects did the Transcontinental Railroad have on the West?

America: The Story of US -- Cities

Day 1
In Class:  Urbanization and the effects of urbanization and immigration -- Rise of the modern city!  
HW: None!
Notes:  Gilded Age/Progressive Era test Friday!

Day 2
In Class:  Inventions of the late 19th century, the rise of the slums, and the Progressive Era!
HW: None!
Notes:  Gilded Age/Progressive Era test Friday!

Day 3
In Class:  The Progressive Era reforms and their impact on America today
HW: None!
Notes:  Gilded Age/Progressive Era test Friday!

Day 4
In Class: Introduce Native America...
HW: None!
Notes:  Happy Spring Break!