"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week of April 24-28, 2017

Hey Gang!  While I am in Washington, DC with the 7th graders, you're currently with Mr. O'Dell and learning about World War Won.  Below is the outline for the week...

Day 1
In Class:  As a class, read the first few paragraphs of the World War Won Google Doc... until you get to "PBS The Great War" -- Watch Crash Course US History World War Won!

HW:  Presidential Projects due THURSDAY April 27!
Notes:  None!

Day 2
In Class:  Watch from Beginning to 26:40  PBS The Great War -- Afer you pause the video, here are some discussion Q’s I’d like y’all to answer in your notes...

  1. Why do you think Wilson was so distraught about entering World War I?
  2. What difficulties do you think the US faced entering a “World” War? -- Answers: manufacturing enough for war, physically sending troops across an ocean infested with German ships to Europe to help people they’d never met, trying to set up “home bases” in Europe when in reality we were thousands of miles from home, having enough food, supplies, etc to make the war work!
  3. They say Wilson was the most religious president America ever had:  Woodrow Wilson was the most religious president we ever had. Woodrow Wilson is a man who got on his knees twice a day and prayed. He read scripture every night. He said grace before every meal. His faith informed everything he ever said, everything he ever thought, everything he ever did.”  Do you think this might have created an uneasy feeling entering a WAR?
  4. What was so difficult about Trench Warfare?  -- When you get to this question, I generally Google pictures of “Trench Warfare World War I” and show them what it looks like and ask them questions like -- Why dig trenches? What are the advantages? Disadvantages? What were some problems one could face in the trenches?...
  5. The US implemented a draft called the “Selective Service Act” -- What does this mean for the nation’s young men?  Why call it “Selective Service” rather than just a “draft”.  What are your thoughts on a military draft of going to war back then?...What about now?

NOW...Watch the following segment 37:55 -- 41:00 and answer the Q’s below:

  1. What did Americans do to create “national unity?”
  2. Were there many local governments and citizens who attacked German-Americans and their culture? Provide examples…
  3. GREAT Discussion Q here:  As you saw in the flick, German-Americans were profiled to determine their loyalty to the nation.  Kind of like Japanese-Internment, these people were put in camps to prevent what?  Does America do this today? How so/Not?

Now finish watching the video from 1:31 -- 1:37 and discuss the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917, 1918.

  1. What was the purpose of these acts?
  2. Sound familiar to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
  3. Why do nations generally pass these laws during war?
  4. Do they serve any good? What are the consequences?

HW:  Presidential Projects due THURSDAY April 27!
Notes:  None!

Day 3
In Class:  PBS Great War Part III Video Watch from Beginning -- 8:19 then skip to 20:00 -- 40:00
Very few people know about the following segment.  Influenza was a big big deal.  What is influenza?  Look it up! The flu.  Today, we don’t really think that the flu is deadly because we have vaccines.  Back then, no vaccines...The Influenza Epidemic of 1917 was horrendous.  I just thought you’d think this flick would be cool to relate to.  In this section, it also talks about weaponry.  Like the Civil War, World War Won was HORRIBLE.  The amputations, the death and destruction to the human bodies was absolutely astounding.  

Discussion Q’s
  1. What was shellshock?
  2. What weapons did they use in World War Won?
  3. What effects did gas have in World War Won? Why don’t we use gas anymore in warfare?  Think about what’s going on in the world today!!!!!!!!

Now, let’s take a look at some pictures of warfare and examine some the consequences of this type of warfare…My Doc on Blog CLICK ME!  -- Go to the page of doc with the different technologies and check out some pictures from World War Won.

Q’s to go with the Pics
  1. What do you see in the pics of trench warfare?
  2. Are these guys standing in mud?
  3. Rats? Seriously? Are there rats in the trenches?
  4. What are the soldiers wearing on their faces? -- Why wear gas masks? -- How did they find out if it was safe enough to take the masks off?
  5. Tanks?!?!  Whoa!  Tanks!  What impact does tank warfare have on a ground war?  What makes tank warfare promising?
  6. Airplanes too?! No way!  OK...what are the effects of planes in warfare now.  Positive and negative effects
  7. Flamethrowers?! Oh man...Let’s now examine just how “low” the standards for war have been.  Why are flamethrowers and gas just absolutely inhumane techniques of fighting…
  8. What type of warfare is justifiable?  See what I did there?...I made war “justifiable”...Discuss as much as you want :)

Propaganda stuff is next and if you have time..have a field day with this because I love the World War Won Propaganda

Open my Doc and check out pages 13-19 which are allllll propaganda.  World War Won Doc

Q of the Day:  What is propaganda? -- Have a student Google the definition, read aloud, and move on...How does Propaganda inspire us as citizens to do or not do things? Examples?  Does propaganda always have a positive influence on the public? Why/Why not?  Today, we’re looking at WWI propaganda...

Q’s to look at with World War Won Propaganda…For EVERY pic, ask the following Q’s

  1. What do we see in this image?
  2. What is the message being sent by the government?
  3. How does this propaganda inspire people to support the war?

Other Q’s to ask the students that make for good discussion...
  1. What are your thoughts on the Food Administration asking people to ration their food?
  2. Do we as citizens “sacrifice” anything for the war/fighting going on around the world?  The clear answer is NO!!! Are you kidding me?!?! We don’t sacrifice ANYTHING!  I don’t think about NOT eating foods, buying clothes, recycling because of war! I do whatever I want and the war happens.  Feel spoiled?  Feel rotten?  Feel like things have changed?  Why have things changed that WE as citizens do not need to sacrifice anything?...