"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, October 13, 2016

You Should Vote For the ________________ and Here's Why!

"You should vote for the ________________ and here's why..."

Explain to your fellow student body which party they should vote for on Election Day and give them a reason WHY...

Writing NO MORE THAN TWO pages typed, double spaced, Times New Roman, One-inch margins, etc...Write a speech that you would deliver to the students supporting one of the candidates/parties that convincing them who to vote for.  In this assignment, include some statistics or data we've talked about in class.  

This is Due FRIDAY Oct. 21!!!!

This assignment is challenging you to THINK about what we've learned about the issues:

-Jobs/Minimum Wage
-National Security
-Foreign Policy
-Second Amendment rights
-Social Issues -- Abortion and Same-sex marriage

My Video Podcast On the Differences Between Dems and Reps

After submitting these essays, WE as a grade are going to read through some of these essays and choose what the students will hear from YOUR essays.  I will then ask four of you to read these speeches to the school on Monday, Nov. 7.