"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Friday, August 12, 2016

Welcome Back Students! First Post of 2016-2017 School Year!

Hey Gang!  Welcome to 8th grade social studies!  This year, we will study American history, government, politics, and economics.  We are also lucky that it is a presidential election year and we have the chance to spend October and a few days in November learning and discussing the 2016 Election.  Huzzah!  Here on the blog, you will find ALL information necessary for the class.  Please familiarize yourself with the blog and the location of documents, video podcasts, due dates, etc.  

Class Suggestions...
  • Create a Google Folder or folder on comp.
  • Create YOUR own notes, not shared 
  • Take notes by unit and date your notes at top of page
  • I do not give study guides...So what Q's do I ask in class?
  • Bring to class: Comp, headphones, Smart phone
  • When taking notes...Focus on what are "key points" rather than tiny details

Every Friday I will post the next week's schedule for class, so please be sure to regularly check the blog!  Below is the first week of the year! 

Day 1
In Class:  First day of school!  Geography Quiz and the syllabus... Syllabus: Click Here!  Please print the last page of the syllabus with a parent/guardian signature and return it by Friday for a HW grade. 
HW:  Syllabus signature... Answer this Google Form Q:  First HW Assignment Due Day 2
Notes:  Geography Quiz Friday...

Day 2
In Class:  United States Geography!  What is geography, why is it important, taking a look at US geography to understand where things are... Geography Slides
HW:  None!
Notes:  Geography Quiz Friday...

Day 3
In Class:  Discuss Columbus' voyages, exploration, and the Colombian Exchange...Age of Exploration discussion and reading on why Europeans explored the seas, the effects of these voyages, and consequences of European exploration leading to colonization...

Notes:  Geography Quiz Friday...

Day 4
In Class:  Geography Quiz and European exploration, and purpose for colonization...  Continue with this reading
Google Doc:  Exploration and Colonization
HW:  None!  Enjoy your first weekend!