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--John Adams

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The European Union!

Hey Gang!  We're looking at the European Union the next couple of days...Below is the content stuff we're looking at in case you want to check it out..

Here is the YouTube video on the European Union for those of you who may want to see it again...


Here is the EU PowerPoint we looked at in class...

The EU Activity: EU Search Activity

Important "stuff" about the EU we NEED to know!

1.  EU began in 1950 w/ Schuman Plan...Coal and Steel!  Weird huh?
2.  EU has membership fees and has a political and economic structure
3.  EU currency... The Euro...I know this will be hard to remember
4.  EU has 16 countries that use the Euro
5.  EU's largest member that doesn't use the Euro is Great Britain...Silly British
6.  The EU is a supranational organization with 27 members..

The EU Flag!