"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Well gang, this is your LAST social studies class ever at Davis.  How does that make you feel?... I wish I was here for y'all, but alas, I am not.  Today's last class is a Kahoot day!  The top three students in each class receive A for the Days.  

1st - 3 A for the Days
2nd - 2 A for the Days  
3rd - 1 A for the Day.  

Three things to know before you take the final exam on Monday...

1.  You will be fine...Don't try to cram this weekend.  Seriously.  Review a little bit and then enjoy the weekend before you go to Israel.  Pack now, not later.  Hat. Water Bottle. Sun cream. Sunglasses. A good hat... Also, truly be nice to each other on the trip.  This is your last time together as a grade and you get to do it on the trip of a lifetime. Be nice to your chaperones and tour guides and thank them often.  They are there for you and are putting aside their families, their personal time, and their lives to experience this trip with you.  Spend some time with your family and friends that you won't see for two weeks and get some rest.  The trip is long and you'll be tired! :)

2.  Don't second-guess your gut on your answers on the final.  Chances are your first guess is the correct answer.  Think about how I "talk" in class when I explained the information and see if you can recall me actually saying these answers in class.

3.  This year has been an absolute blast!  I have sincerely LOVED having y'all as students.  Yes, there were many times I yelled at you, gave you a hard time, picked on you, threw things at you, told you I hated you and bullied you (even though it's not bullying when I do it) and I'm sure there were many times I made you insane and you thought you were gonna kill me!  In my 11 years teaching, this year has been exceptionally unique and fun...IN A GOOD WAY!  Sure, there are ups and downs in every school year.  How could there not be?  We've spent more than 180 days together this year.  We got to know each other, love each other (HATE each other too, I know), and learn together.  Some of my favorite moments in my 11 year career have happened this year, and I thank you for that!  Though I am generally not a sentimental or nice guy, I genuinely mean it when I say thank you for such a wonderful year.  I am so glad y'all were able to walk in to this room, make it your second home and feel so comfortable learning with me.  Below are some moments to chew on over the weekend:

-Topless Thursdays
-"For homework...Go home and..."
-Speed limits are suggestions...just don't get caught
-The Speakeasy day
-Second Continental Congress
-The Native American West Unit Museum
-Funny notes on presidential projects
-Photoshopping my face on...EVERYTHING
-Bison noises
-The National Parks Project
-Funny tweets
-Translating morse code messages
-Block 5!
-"All over the place!" and "Who's gonna take the weight!?"
-What fruit is grown in bogs? .... Washington
-Funny Kahoot names
-Tie of the day!
-Mood of the day!
-Stupid nicknames... :)

The Game: Final Exam Kahoot! 

Have a great weekend, a FABULOUS Israel Trip, and Be Good!!!