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--John Adams

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week of January 11-15, 2016

Hey Gang!  Welcome to President Research Paper Week!  The paper was assigned on Friday, now you will choose your president and begin the research!!!  You have four class periods this week to do your research and create 20 note cards.  The 20 Note Cards are due Friday, Jan. 15. by the end of the period.  You may choose from the following presidents:

Andrew Johnson      Theodore Roosevelt                    Herbert Hoover           Harry S Truman      John F. Kennedy           Lyndon Baines Johnson      Richard Nixon     Jimmy Carter           Ronald Reagan              Dwight Eisenhower

Here are the important dates for the Research Paper! 
Friday, January 8 2016 -- Paper Introduced
Monday Jan 11. -- Friday, January 19, 2016-- Research in class and on Friday 20 note cards that use a minimum TWO sources

Monday, February 5, 2016 – Outline due
MONDAY, March 7, 2016  – Research paper due Absolutely NO Exceptions!

IF you missed class last Friday when I introduced the paper... Watch This Video!!!

You may use the book sources provided or one of two websites:
Miller Center:  Miller Center Click Me!
History Channel:  History Channel Click Me!

This paper’s goal is to determine whether or not your assigned president did an effective/ineffective job.  When doing your research think about the following questions:

  • Was your president a popular president in office?  
  • Did the your president do what was best for the nation?  
  • Were there decisions that were not good for the nation?
  • Was your president effective/ineffective during crises?
  • Did your president create anything that we still use today?
  • Did your president fail to do a certain job?
  • How well did they respond to events during their presidency?  
  • Were they a war president?
  • Were there any decisions, laws, actions by the president that were good/bad?  HOW????

The introduction will explain who they are & how they became the president…
  • Did they serve in any government positions (governor, Senator, HOR)  before becoming president?
  • Were they VP and the president died?
  • Was there an assassination?  
  • Were they elected?  When did they become president?
  • How many terms did they serve as president?  
  • What number president were they?
  • What was their political party?...