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Friday, January 30, 2015

Week of February 2-6, 2015

Hey Gang!  Welcome to CIVIL WAR WEEK!!!  This week we'll enter the Civil War! I hate to tell you this, but I do not plan on boring you with military tactics...Sorry.  Instead, we'll examine the following central questions... 

We will learn the following about the Civil War:

-Why was the Union fighting the Civil War?
-What advantages and disadvantages did the Union and Confederacy have entering the War?
-What were the crucial battles of the War and WHY -- Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Sherman's March Through Georgia 
-What happened to the dead during and after the War?
-Why was Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address so powerful?
-Did the Emancipation Proclamation truly "free" the slaves?
-How did the Union fail to win the war in a swift manner considering they had so many advantages entering the war?
-How did technology impact the war? -- Morse Code, Railroads, Ironclads, the Minie Ball bullet, and Medical Practices
-How did the average solider live during the Civil War?
-What was the bloodiest day and battle of the Civil War?
-Who was the average solider?
-How much did the soldier's backpack weigh, and what did they bring with them through the war?
-What was the greatest cause of death during the Civil War?
-How did photography impact the war?
-What did the Civil War do to the nation and future generations, and how should we remember the Civil War?

Here are links to the Civil War Video Podcasts in case you want to watch them:  

 Click Me for Introduction to Civil War - Advantages and Disadvantages

Civil War Battles and Introduction to Technology in Civil War

Civil War Details of Battles and events..

The Dead at The Battle of Antietam, 1862

Crash Course US History Civil War 

Technology and the Civil War:  The Minie Ball -- THE BULLET!!!

2.4 Chapter 4 - Ironclads :14:05 - :19:05
The Confederacy builds the Merrimack, a new iron-plated ship, and the Union then constructs its own "ironclad," the Monitor. Off the coast of Virginia, the Merrimack attacks the Union navy, but the Monitor arrives just in time. All other navies on earth, after the epic battle of ironclads, are obsolete.

2.7 Chapter 7 - Our Boy :27:35 - :31:54
Description of the average soldier: Life in camp, North and South.

2.9 Chapter 9 - The Arts of Death :43:59 -:54:06
The relationship of military technology to the course of the war. U.S. Grant is relieved of command because of the losses at Shiloh. Frederick Douglass pressures Lincoln to free the slaves. The Union navy wins a major naval campaign when Admiral David Farragut takes New Orleans.

3.8 Chapter 8 - Antietam :44:40 - 1:02:10
The Battle of Antietam, a costly Union victory, is the bloodiest day in American history. The next day, Lee and his army slip back across the Potomac River. Introduction to Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Union officer from Maine. Lincoln permanently removes McClellan from command. Photographer Mathew Brady opens a landmark exhibition in New York-"The Dead of Antietam."

3.9 Chapter 9 - The Higher Object 1:02:11 - 1:11:17
U.S. Grant tries to conquer Vicksburg, Mississippi, but fails. Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862. "The war is ennobled, the object is higher." 

The Battle of Gettysburg 1863..

The Battle of Antietam 1862...

Day 1
In Class:  1860 -- Lincoln is elected and South Carolina secedes.  Advantages and disadvantages entering the Civil War and what the war was about.  -- Civil War 150 Interactive Assignment:  CLICK ME FOR CIVIL WAR 150 INTERACTIVE!!!
HW:  Click me to WATCH the Video Podcast and ANSWER the Qs in the Google Form!
Notes: Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan due Feb. 9

Day 2
In Class:  Go over the question from the Civil War 150 Interactive and discussion of the WHYS and HOWS of those Questions...Fort Sumter, a bloodless beginning to the bloodiest war in history...Bull Run and how the United States realized this was going to be a HORRENDOUS war!
HW:  None...
Notes: Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan due Feb. 9

Day 3
In Class:  What was life like for a soldier during the Civil War?...What did they carry in their backpacks?  What did they do?  How do we have so much information about the war?...Technology in the Civil War
HW:  None...
Notes: Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan due Feb. 9

Day 4
In Class:  Analyze some factors of the war including 1862:  A Very Bloody Affair ...Antietam...Emancipation Proclamation...Images of the Civil War...
HW:  None
Notes: Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan due Feb. 9