"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week of 18-22

Hey Baby Birds!  The War of 1812...ended in a stalemate??!!??  Tecumseh, William Henry Harrison, White House burned down, Star Spangled Banner, and the Battle of New Orleans brought us through the War of 1812 and into an "Era of Good Feelings" with James Monroe's presidency.  
From here, we'll discuss slavery, foreign policy, and the rise of ANDREW JACKSON!!!!!!!

Day 1
In Class:  James Madison Presidential Project due -- The James Monroe presidency -- Mizzouri Compromise, Monroe Doctrine, slavery divides the nation...Election of 1824 between Clay, Adams, Jackson, and Crawford -- CORRUPT BARGAIN!
James Monroe Questions:
1.  What were the two issues Monroe faced during his presidency?
2.  What was Henry Clay's American System?
3.  Explain the details of the Mizzouri Compromise.
4.  What happened at the Convention of 1818?
5.  Why did Monroe send Andrew Jackson into Florida in 1818?
6.  What did the Monroe Doctrine state to the rest of the world?
HW:  James Monroe Pres. Project due Friday, Nov. 22

Day 2
In Class:  The 1824 Election robs Jackson -- John Quincy Adams presidency -- 1828 brings Andrew Jackson to the office -- Sinner or Saint?  Andrew Jackson paper assignment given out -- Due Dec. 16
HW:  James Monroe Pres. Project due Friday, Nov. 22
Notes:  None

Day 3
In Class:  Short Video on Andrew Jackson then Andrew Jackson PBS web quest assignment -- Go to: http://www.pbs.org/kcet/andrewjackson/ to answer ALL questions from the WebQuest.  Answers due MONDAY at the beginning of class for a HW grade -- Nullification, Spoils System, Bank War, Indian Removal Act, Using FORCE to redefine the presidency...
HW:  James Monroe Pres. Project due Friday, Nov. 22
Notes:  None

Day 4
In Class:  James Monroe Pres. Project due!  Finish Andrew Jackson PBS web quest assignment and Finish this by MONDAY for a HW grade -- Nullification, Bank War, Indian Removal, Using FORCE to redefine the presidency...  Who was Andrew Jackson?  How did he serve as president?  Was Jackson an effective/ineffective/good/bad president?  HOW?????
HW:  John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson Presidential Projects due Dec. 6
Notes:  Andrew Jackson paper due Dec. 16

Andrew Jackson:  Reinventing the Presidency...

Andrew Jackson: The Good, Evil, and Presidency FULL VIDEO...#AWESOME!!!!