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--John Adams

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monday, October 21 Daily and Homework Assignment!

Baby Birds,

I am not well today, and I will not be in class.  You are required to do the following:
-Answer the questions below that go along with your textbook.
-Watch the Video Podcast on the Bill of Rights before DAY 2 of the week...You will have a quiz on the Bill of Rights on Day 2 of the week.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Bill of Rights Video Podcast!
Please answer the following questions using your textbook.  If you do not have your textbook at school, you may look on with a friend.  You may work in partners, however every student must submit with the Reading of the Bill of Rights pp 184—193, and start with the section 10.2 on Creating the Bill of Rights.  Don't just skim over this good stuff and look for the answers.  If you do not actually take the time to read the text, the answers will not make sense.  These ARE your rights gang, so take em seriously! There will be a quiz on the Amendments on Day 2 of the week – LEARN THE BILL OF RIGHTS!!!! J  Please have these ready to be turned in for a HW grade on Day 2 of the week!!!!

1.     What are the Bill of Rights?
2.     What are the five freedoms in the First Amendment?
3.     The First Amendment does grant religious freedom, but this does not necessarily mean people can do whatever they want in the name of religious freedom.  What circumstances has the Supreme Court overruled religious practices?
4.     Under the First Amendment, people have the freedom to assemble and petition, but under what circumstances can people be arrested?
5.     What arguments have been debated over the right to bear arms?
6.     What does the Fourth Amendment protect, and does the Fourth Amendment mention the need for a warrant?
7.     What is double jeopardy?
8.     The Fifth Amendment says a person cannot be denied of what?
9.     What is a brief summary of the Sixth Amendment?
10.   The Seventh Amendment says that , in all but the most minor cases, people involved in a civil case have _______________________, and the judge cannot overrule a jury’s decision. 
11. The Eighth Amendment is a personal favorite of mine J  After a trial, the Eighth Amendment forbids what two things?  The punishment must fit the crime!
12. What does the Ninth Amendment say about the rights listed in the Constitution?
13. What protection does the Tenth Amendment proclaim?  What are some examples of Tenth Amendment “reserved” powers?

If you feel like getting ahead in things...I have uploaded another Video Podcast on Amendments XI -- XXI.  This is a good one too!  The Amendments WILL be on the test, and you will need to know 15 of them...BUT, you do not know which 15 I plan on putting on the test :)  .... Huzzah and Be Good!  

Amendments XI--XXI (11-21 for those of you who need Roman Numeral translation...)