"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Progressive Era & World War I

Hey Baby Birds!...The Model T was a progressive invention, as was the light bulb, telephone, elevator, and mass production of steel.  Women gained the right to vote, children were banned from hazardous working conditions and then from working at all, and the nation got rid of alcohol...A federal income tax was created, forests and parks were protected by the federal government, and meat was finally inspected for disease and "ingredients"....NOW we leave the Progressive Era because of a WORLD WAR!...World War I ended the Progressive changes in America, and then propelled the nation into the "Roaring Twenties" where booze, dancing, and racing cars became cool.  Below is a video that introduces the end of the Progressive Era and the beginning of World War I.  After watching this video, you will then watch "America in World War I:  The Homefront" where you will learn about how America fought in WWI.  This was no ordinary war btw...it was a MUCH different war than the Rev, Mexican, or Civil Wars...

Progressive Era and WWI Video...

Next... you will watch "America in World War I:  The Homefront" -- You are to answer the following questions while watching the video:
-What technologies were used during World War I?
-How did millions die during World War I?
-How did women and African Americans contribute to the war?
-How did Americas support the war?
...Then you will write three facts you learned about WWI on the same page.  Blue Box it, or email it to me at mbarry@davisacademy.org  Please BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE ASSIGNMENT!!!!  Be Good!