"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Friday, November 30, 2012

Week of December 3 -- December 7

Well Baby Birds, we're almost done with our Constitution Unit and are about to move onto the Presidents!  This week on Day 3 (Wed/Thurs) you have your Constitution Test.  Study!!!
***If you failed the second Government quiz, you may correct your answers to earn a 70...The corrected answers must be submitted with your quiz by
THE DAY OF THE TEST December 5/6,
Day 1
In Class:  Review Amendments and work on the study guide!
HW: Study guide for Constitution Test due day of test... Corrected quiz answers due the day of the test. 
Notes:  None

Day 2
In Class: Finish review...Enter the George Washington presidency -- What were the Washington years like 1789-1797 - Domestic & Foreign Affairs
HW: Study guide for Constitution Test due day of test... Corrected quiz answers due the day of the test.  
Notes: Below is a video podcast on George Washington...

Day 3 
In Class:  Constitution Test Day! -- All VII Articles & XXVII Amendments...Anything & everything from those quizzes and notes!
HW:  None
Notes: None

Day 4
In Class: George Washington's presidency continued -- Whiskey Rebellion, Cabinet, Foreign Affairs, Comparing Democratic-Republicans vs. Federalists......Was he really THAT great of a president?  Showing you HOW to make a Presidential Project...Please check the website for Pres. Project handouts to help guide you in these assignments.
HW: Presidential Project - George Washington due Friday, Dec.  14 & Quiz on George Washington & John Adams Dec. 14
Notes:  You may want to watch the George Washington Video Podcast...John Adams Video Podcast coming soon!
History Channel's -- The Presidents -- Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe