"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week of February 21-24

Baby Birds...We've got a hectic scheduled week ahead of us.  We will not have class on Feb. 22 for a field trip, and my Jefferson, Jackson & Polk classes will all miss a day this week because of President's Day, while Jackson, Washington & Roosevelt also missed a day last Friday because of the weekend... Well, here is what we have in store this week:

-We will summarize Robert E. Lee & Ulysses S. Grant
-We will cover the Battle of Antietam/1862 Year of Blood handout (this is critical!)
-We will read the Emancipation Proclamation
-We will read and talk about African-Americans & Jews during the Civil War

Homework:  20 Note Cards due Friday February 24 (ALL Classes) -- James Buchanan due February 27 (ALL Classes)...I have changed the due date for Abraham Lincoln to Friday, March 2 (ALL Classes)

March 1/2 -- Civil War Test!!!