"There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a living, and the other how to live..."

--John Adams

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Presidential Project Test Assignment

The following Presidential Projects will be a PROJECT grade worth double the value for 4th Quarter and due May 27.

Each President is worth 50 pts, but the gradebook will show a PROJECT value of 200 pts. [all added together] This will be the last grade of the school year.
Dwight Eisenhower
• University of Georgia De-Segregated
• Brown v. Board of Education
• Interstate Highway Act

John F. Kennedy
• Bay of Pigs Invasion
• Cuban Missile Crisis
• Martin Luther King delivers “I Have A Dream” Speech
• Assassination
• Civil Rights Act

Lyndon B. Johnson
• XXV Amendment Passed
• National Organization for Women established
• Martin Luther King assassinated
• Robert Kennedy assassinated
• Malcolm X assassinated
• Six-Day War (in Israel)
• Miranda v. Arizona

Richard M Nixon
• Neil Armstrong Lands on the Moon
• Woodstock
• Vietnam War Ends
• Yom Kippur War (in Israel)
• XVI Amendment Passed
• Roe v. Wade
• Watergate Scandal
• Clean Air Act
• Nixon Resigns